The New Breed - Free Wallpaper

Erik stitt the new breed sm

The New Breed - Free Wallpaper

The New Breed - Free Wallpaper
Digital 3D Art
Blender 2.8
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2019 Erik Stitt


Having got my confidence up by successfully sculpting a Mantis thing on my last piece, I spent yesterday creating a new Alien character. Meet BLIP. BLIP is going to teach me some new things. He's already shown me how to sculpt more efficiently in Blender by using the Dynotopo setting in the brushes. Now, he's going to teach me how to Retopologize my sculpts so that he can teach me how to rig my sculpts for animation.

And today......He taught me how to render in EEVEE.....Blender's awesome gaming engine renderer. And this is the first piece I've rendered in EEVEE.

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Everything sculpted and modeled in Blender. Minor color adjustments done in Photoshop.

Free Wallpaper:

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