Downtown Patrol

Downtown Patrol

Downtown Patrol

Downtown Patrol
Digital 3D Art
Blender 2.91
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2021 Erik Stitt


I'm always making sure I keep the "Dys" in Dystopia. I'm not a big fan of the cyberpunk culture as portrayed by Cyberpunk 2077 or some the uber neon and shiny art I see. I like to keep the dreary and dismal roots of cyberpunk as Phillip K. Dick portrayed it in his books. The environment is in total collapse, almost no animals exist beyond those being manufactured, the separation of race and class is divided by an irreparable gap and the only ones flying are the rich and law enforcement and one owns the other.

I think a lot of artists avoid the above version of cyberpunk because it is depressing and likely true. Myself, I see Phillip K. Dick as less an author and more of a crazy prophet.

Created in Blender and rendered in Cycles
Compositing, Overpainting and Effects created in Blender and Photoshop

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