Through The Screen Door

Erik stitt through the screen door sm

Through The Screen Door

Through The Screen Door
Digital 3D Art
Blender 2.8
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2019 Erik Stitt

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All objects modeled in Blender. Background, Compositing and Effects done in Photoshop.

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It's time for your semi-monthly abduction experience. It would be a bit shocking to open your front door to the porch to step out for a nice morning coffee only to be greeted by this.

You don't ever remember drinking your coffee...

This is something I threw together over the course of three hours with 3D parts I have archived. My schedule at work is crazy and I have split days off so, having a block of free time to model or sculpt new objects is rare. But I keep pluggin' along...

Thanks for lookin'