Winter Moons

Winter Moons

Winter Moons

Winter Moons
Digital 3D Art
Blender 2.90
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2020 Erik Stitt


Lately, I've been studying the ultra real and very beautiful scene and level art created by very gifted artists using Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Cryengine. In particular, the exterior or outdoor landscape art. Now that Blender 2.90 is out with its new Sky Texture Node, I wanted to have a go at it and see what I could accomplish with it as far as world building is concerned. I hope that this one doesn't suck too bad and that you like it a little bit because, I have more ideas and I WILL get better with practice and study.

This is four days of work on my sadly inept rig.

3D Objects Modeled, Textured and Rendered in Cycles
Compositing, Overpainting and Effects created in Photoshop

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