Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth
Digital 3D Art
Blender 2.83
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2020 Erik Stitt


Aliens. Using my Three Muses to illustrate a point. As these three gaze down upon our planet mocking us, I can only imagine what they must think of all of the hate, needless violence, environmental destruction, selfishness and arrogance. And we're the only species on the planet doing these horrid things. How immature, spoiled and unappreciative we must seem.

...and everyone wonders why "they" don't ever do a big reveal at a global level. Right....I wouldn't either.

Sorry about the deviation from my series. I'll get right back to it. I'm not very good with words but I can say a shit ton with a single image.

Rendered in Cycles

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