Admiring The View

Erik stitt admiringtheviewsm

Admiring The View

Admiring The View
Digital Painting
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2018 Erik Stitt

13 Hours to complete


Just a chill little Grey Entity takin' in the scenery...

NO speedpaint on this one. A lot of experimentation going on here for me artistically. Quietly, I've been studying oil painting techniques for a little over a month now. Why? I've done realism and hyperrealism to death. I'm bored with it. 40 plus years of it. To the point that I think I kill some of my art by working it to the nth degree. So, I'm trying something new for me.

In this piece, I've left brush strokes galore. Everything is loose, suggestive and impressionist. You can see all of that when you're up close to it. But when you pull away a bit, it all comes together and your mind's eye is what brings the realism out. Not my overly labored tedium.

Thanks for taking a look!