Alien Cityscape

Erik stitt alien cityscapesm

Alien Cityscape

Alien Cityscape
Digital Painting
Adobe Photoshop
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2018 Erik Stitt

A small squadron of chrome saucers cruises by an offworld waterfront city...

This just started out as a "Boredom Doodle" because we were finished with all of the Pre Con prep for tomorrow's A Taste of Colorado Music Festival. But then I got a little carried away. I love cyberpunk art and culture. Dystopian Scifi environments, grittiness, the filthy tech, all of it. Bladerunner, of course, is my favorite movie. Soundtrack and all.

So, what if there are other civilizations "out there" like us.....mostly work-a-day stiffs and shmoes that live in an environment prone to coughing, shitty food, hard work and no appreciation while the rich and elite play with their toys that cost more than any of the rest of us will ever make in a lifetime, in a world with similar technology as ours. Ads everywhere, nobody gives a shit about anything or anyone.....Like Earth.