Storm Chasers

Erik stitt storm chaserssm

Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers
Digital Painting
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 22HDT
Copyright 2018 Erik Stitt

A small squadron of craft, for reasons unknown, approach the core of a Supercell.

No Speedpaint on this one. This one was for me. My Zen. I have a mad love affair with the sky and how Mama decorates it. If this does well, I will paint more like this. Which would not break my heart in the least.

Also, this may be my last painting for a little bit as we have suddenly incurred a very serious plumbing issue in our house. Cannot run water anywhere without flooding the basement so, we might have to hold up in a hotel for a while. We could definitely use some print sales to help with that!

Thanks for taking a look!